2015  NEWS

 (July 13th 2015)

 There has been some good winter rain across our area of operation , although large parts of Queensland remain severely affected by drought. Commoditiy prices are looking fairly healthy, so, at this stage  things are looking promising for a good harvest although the weather  forecast is for dry conditions later in the growing season.    Australian farmers and contractors have had some very challenging years in the last decade and it has taught us all to be  cautiously optimistic. 

  Lindsay and Faith will be travelling to Denmark and Germany in August and would really like to meet any one interested in coming to Australia to work this harvest.  We will arrive in Frankfurt on  August 4th and fly out of Copenhagen on August 22nd.  Any one who would like to discuss being part of the Australian granin harvest please   email and we will organise to   meet up.

 We are also very keen to buy a beer for any guys who have worked with us in the past. (Lefty doesn't believe that the European beer will be half as good as 4X Gold).

 It's a great opportunity to see some of the European countries that we have been hearing about for so many  years.  

 Contact us on to set up a time to meet.  

At this stage we are on the look out for a Claas technician with combine experience.

 We still need combine drivers - we need guys who have done at least two full seasons on combines (ideally good long season like the USA/ Canada run)  We need guys who know how to set combines  to minimise grain loss and maximise performance and who can drive a combine to it's limits without damaging it.  If that sounds like you please give us an email or phone call on International  dialling code + 61 2 63825664.  

 Lefty has been spreading fertilizer at Lockhart  but has been stopped by some very nice wet weather. 

 Steel & Russell & Stewart have been flat out in the workshop building trailers and have a few more to get built before it's time to start getting ready for harvest.

 We are hopeful about the coming 2015 harvest.  Every year we are lucky enough to meet a whole new crew of guys who do a great job while they learn a lot of new skills, teach us about their home  countries and  make a lot of new friends.

 There are lots of harvest photos and news on the  North-Hill Harvesting facebook page... this is a great way to see the team in action.

 Looking forward to meeting a new crew in 2015 and welcoming back some familiar faces.

 Faith & Lindsay Northcott

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